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Giving Back

We at got BALLZ believe that we should all do our part in making this world a better place...

...So we are helping you do just that! When you place an order, a portion of the sale from your order will go towards promoting education by providing school supplies for children in underdeveloped parts of the world.

"When you truly desire something, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it"

Pooja, CEO/Co-Founder

Our Story

​​Our Mission  -  got BALLZ is committed to providing unprocessed or minimally processed ingredients so that you can receive the best health benefits.

Hi! Thanks for visiting us...I am Pooja, Co-Founder of got BALLZ Inc.  I am so excited for you to try our Energy Snacks and our new line of LOW-CARB foods! 

As Realtors, Attila and I were always on the go and were looking for the perfect Energy Snack which was free of sugars and preservatives and contained natural, wholesome ingredients.  Unable to find a tasty, all-natural granola bar, we decided to take things in our own hands and lo-and-behold got BALLZ was born! Our recipes are very close to our hearts and therefore each product is handmade with the utmost quality in mind. We are passionate about what we make and I am sure you will able to tell that with your first bite!

​We can't wait for you to try our delicious Energy Snacks and LOW-CARB foods and feel good about eating healthy.

Co-Founders, got BALLZ Inc.