Here's how:

1. Pick from the list of our sublime ingredients below to customize.

2. Let us know your recipe via our "Contact us" page (for now just grab pen and paper, write it down so you remember, then email your recipe to us. Soon you'll be able to click on the ingredients, we are just not quite there yet) ;)

...Then we take over and make your BaLLz and have them delivered to you!

Not too confident with your inner-chef​ just yet? Try our Sample BaLLz Pack

Snacks?...Simple Snacks? Boooring!

Well, be bored NO MORE!

With GoT BaLLz you are in control of designing your very own


You may pay by Email Transfer when you place your order. Don't get scared we will give you the details in our reply!

(We are working on additional payment methods, but for now this is what's up. Thank you for not getting mad at us.)




Warning: We take allergies very seriously and do our best to keep nuts away from nut-free requests, but despite all efforts, the BaLLz may contain or come in contact with peanuts and/or other nuts even if you don't pick them as an ingredient! We can't guarantee your safety, so please order at your own risk!

Your BaLLz will stay fresh for about 3 weeks in their original packaging. If you wish to keep them longer, just put them in your fridge. You may put them in the freezer if you want to save them for the next generation.. (With us they never stand a chance to exist for more than a few days, so this has never been an issue) :D

-Minimum Order per Flavour - 24 BaLLz - $58 

-Additional dozens after 1st 24 - $24

-Sample BaLLz Pack - $40

​(shipping included within the GTA)

(Kindly include your shipping address in your order request email)


(A.K.A. the Mandatories: gotta have them to make BaLLz)

ONE Choice of
-Oats, or
-Gluten Free Oats, or even
-Quinoa (gluten free)

Ohhh the Butter (your pick):

-Almond Butter
-Peanut Butter, OR

-Peanut-free Butter (kinda

like peanut butter, except it

won't hurt you if you're allergic)

Added Ingredients: Honey, Coconut Oil, Brown Rice Syrup



Nuts and Seeds:
-Sunflower Seeds

-Hulled Hemp Seeds

-Flax Seeds (ground)
-Chia Seeds

Muscle Power:
-Whey Protein

-Chocolate Whey Protein
-Vegan Protein

-Cricket Flour

(yup, you read it right; it IS made of crickets and it's one superb protein!)

Clean me and Energize Me:
-Maca Powder..this is nuclear!
-Matcha Powder..the afterburner
-Super Berry Powder




-Goji Berries
-Dried Blueberries

More Sweet Please (use wisely ...or not, it's all up to you)
-Agave Syrup
-Maple Syrup

Spice it up:

-​Lemon Zest
-Ginger Powder
-Cocoa Powder
-Raw Cocoa Nibs

Guilty Pleasures (not for the faint-hearted)
-Chocolate Chips (semi-sweet)
-White Chocolate Chips

-Rice Crispies
-Unsweetened Coconut

*Although you may choose as many ingredients as you want, we recommend choosing a maximum of 2-3 additional ingredients after the base ingredients, to ensure your BaLLz taste great!*